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Canon Eos 600D & Photoshop use



Afternoon everybody, long time no speak. I am officially no longer a student so I have some time to do some artwork/graphic design/photography. I recently bought the Canon Eos 600d SLR camera and I have to say it’s a great long term investment. Already I notice a major difference in picture quality in comparisons to my Sony A290, and the fact that it’s not broken like my Sony, I can further utilise RAW photos and bring out a truly beautiful piece of art. Enclosed is a picture I took last week of a matchbox and beer coaster. As you can see, I smoothed out the black surface as it was rather dusty. I left a little bit of the flash in the left to add a little bit of lighting. Furthermore, once distinct approach I took was using two different monochrome tonings in regards to the coaster and matchbox. Finally, I sharpened the colour of the match itself and left it orange. Whilst doing all these changes, there was a lot of dust around the top left of the original photo. By using the clone stamp tool on photoshop cs6, I was able to clean up the image.


Hope you enjoy





  Still looking back at my photos from Amsterdam, found this peach. Edited the Curves, Levels and exposure to give a little bit more brightness. For the Gradient, I used two colours, one bright red, and a warming filter in a warm orange. And ta-dah… beautiful picture of Amsterdam’s Canals.

Cycling around Alderley Edge whilst taking these photos… Edited with Photoshop CS6

Evening all, beautiful day today. Just been cycling around my village and may I dare say it felt awesome. Getting some tan on my so far Dairy Milk coloured skin, when I should be a Galaxy Chocolate Brown haha (Casual Racism). Whilst cycling, I took a number of photos on my Sony A290, came back home, and edited as hell with Photoshop CS6. and here they are… Enjoy


20130525_161834 20130525_162037 20130525_162107 20130525_162226 20130525_162331 20130525_162516 20130525_162657 20130525_163049 20130525_163357 20130525_163457 20130525_163635 20130525_163727 20130525_164252 IMG_20130525_155305





More Filter Work, Field at the back of my house

Morning all, decent day today… stuck in the Arthur Lewis Building supposedly doing some reading but rather choosing to play around with Photoshop… Distinction… bah! I have uploaded a few of my pictures from my phone and edited them with photoshop, but also instagram. Edited curves, hue, saturation, levels etc, also playing around with the various filters and gradient mapping, I just love instagrams frames, but also looking to broaden my horizen. all in all, some beautiful pictures of my Field.






426523_10152652273785463_1848337849_n 482227_10152652274970463_43316384_n 531548_10152652274005463_55353108_n 735065_10152652275015463_795853095_n

Instagram Style Filters on Photoshop



Morning all, just watching Breaking bad in the Background. I took a photo in the University lift today, entitled ‘bad hair day’. As you can see, my hair is looking rather shite. I uploaded a version onto instagram and was surprisingly unimpressed with the result it gave. What I’ve managed to do was create a form of instagramesque form of filtering. A load of layers with different gradient, level, curve, contrast levels. all in all, around 8 layers combined. I also noticed there was some grey in my hair from the scratched mirror, so I used the clone stamp tool to blacken the areas. Finally, I added an orange layer and blended it to give it more of a ‘nashville’ feel to it.


hope you enjoy



Instagram, Photoshop and new filters of Manchester



Previous Artwork I had done, Picture taken back in January down Deansgate, instagram filter, then separate heart layers and custom frame. 

The Michael Schumacher Collection



two of my favorite ever Schumacher cars (even though 1 was an absolute dog F1 W03) As you’ve already seen the previous schumacher picture I’ve decided to put 2 of my unreleased pieces of work. 


    Afternoon everybody, doing some reading on transnational neoliberal hegemony. Was bored and found a picture of Amsterdam on facebook, so I chose to edit it. First of all I edited the colour via the use of curves, levels, black fill layers to give it that instagrammy feel. merged the layers, and created a […]


    Afternoon everyone, hope all is well. It has been at least 3 months since I last posted something interesting; a combination of car accident, flu, university essays and down right lazyness. Weather today has been absolutely beautiful and to compliment the day I took a photo of the vice chancellors building at the […]


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